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Elements of nature portray a mysterious past. Spontaneous phenomena envelop, when we stop and observe. Seeing the unseen is an art, in and of itself. Seemingly random coincidences, generated by an intrinsic intuitive system. Ceaseless modification generates distinct poetical impressions. Manifold mystical objects, exhibit the cycle of life.

Tino Sand´s portraits of nature incorporate mystical elements, intricate forms and patterns. He explores themes of evolution and cycles, capturing the essence of the natural world.


His photographs go beyond a simple representation of the subject and delve into the deeper aspects of nature. They create a sense of wonder and invites viewers to contemplate the mysteries of the natural world. 


He emphasises the inherent present in nature´s designs, showcasing the incredible diversity of shapes and textures. By capturing different stages of growth, transformation, and decay, his photographs encourage a deeper connection with the environment.

The photographs were taken throughout Australia.


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